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 BEFORE                                                     AFTER                                                                                                       

  (THIS DOES NOT SALE)                                                                            (THIS SALES!!!!)


Nice open kitchen that does not feel welcoming.  Adding several accents and place settings gives room a inviting feel for a family.

   *We help sell homes as Quickly as Possible and for the Highest Return ***


        BEFORE                                  AFTER

​     (THIS FEELS COLD AND EMPTY)                (THIS FEELS COZY!!!!)                  Potential buyers may not be able to visualize themselves living

       in a place like this.                                                                              This feels warm, inviting, and cozy, A place!                                                                                       potential buyers can call home "INSTANTLY".



Additional colors and right accent choices makes any room warm and inviting.
Feels like a boring forgotten room.
Bright accents with bright warm colors add an feel that you would like to stay in bed and have breakfast, warm and inviting.
Matching wine bottles on table shelf to match pictures

* We offer High Quality Home Staging Services*

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